Banana Dream easily is our best strain when it comes to Aroma. The floral Perfume Scent of the strain is incomparable to anything other than the Name which her progeny bares. Gods Vagina is an absolute gift from Mother Nature Herself brought forth by the crafty greenthumb Of Neil Kushman. The Hellfire made her more robust and hashy than before and finishes her off in barely over two months. She is perfect for outdoor  and Indoor. Responds very well to Training as well as super cropping. Top her about 8 times early on and give her no less than 4 months veg and 15 gallons of soil and you will have a Serious Hefty Monster on your  hands who wreaks of Hashy Perfume Heaven

God's Vagina

Banana Dream x Hellfire OG
Variety: Hybrid
Sex: Regular
THC: Content 30-32%
CBD Content:: .01%
Yield: Large
Flowering Time 60-65 days

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