Colorado Sunrise is an amazing Breed Of Colorado Flo and Clementine Kush with its Deep fruity Kushy Aroma and Intense hasy taste It is sure to be a new masterpiece in your garden. Wiith Pheno Spectrum producing A very Purple and Cbd Dominant Pheno and Also a Higher THC pheno, Both phenotypes are known to produce the same very thick hashy aroma packed with a very loud Citrus Floral flavors. 
​Much Like the fruit whose name she bares
Clementine Kush has Fastly Become a Colorado Favorite. Originally Crafted By Colorado Seed Inc. - Clementine Kush is a cross of two of their most well-known strains: Tangerine Sunrise (which was ranked one of the top ten Colorado marijuana strains of 2014), and our inbred line, the Gupta Kush. The combination yields a bright, very happy, and relaxing smoke.
The citrus notes and mellow Hawaiian vibes come through from the Tangerine side and complement the strength and earthy musk of the Gupta line. It’s a bright, functional, uplifting sativa that tastes like you’ve just inhaled an orange blossom. Beautiful trich-covered colas smell of oranges and kush weed. Most plants are taller and can be heavily topped or bent to increase yield.

Colorado Sunrise

Clementine Kush x Colorado Flo 
Variety: Hybrid
Sex: Regular
THC: Content 24-26%
CBD Content:: 1.2%
Yield: Large
Flowering Time 65-70 days

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