The research and the work on CBD Hemp strains have been ongoing for a very long time and continue to evolve, boosted by the explosion of the CBD in the industry. New strains of CBD Elite appear each year .
 The small wonder is derived from work on a clone of the famous strain Bubba Kush 98 with a clone secret CBD Elite . Crossed with The Electra CBD Strain.
KUSHMAN'S HEMP prefers temperate climates, dry, desert, and mediterranean or the shelter of a greenhouse to the outside. Resistant to moisture and mold, the propping is not required to maintain the plant at the end of flowering, as happens frequently in the hybrids created on the basis of Bubba kush.
A Kush flavour very well defined, and a powerful aroma with nuances of exotic fruits, essences of pine, and a subtle touch of acidic fruit. Its extreme performance level CBD are the icing on the cake with ratios of CBD /THC, which can reach up to 20 / 1 and the percentages of CBD that exceed the 20 % .... A heavyweight champion !

Genotype : 40% Indica / 60% Sativa

Cross : Pre 98 Bubba Kush x Elite Hemp Bubba

Inside and outside

Indoor flowering : 8-9 Weeks

Harvest period outdoor : mid-October

Yield outdoor : 900-4000 g/plant

THC : 0.3%.

CBD : 10 to 20,81%.



Electra X Bubba Hemp
Variety: Hybrid
THC: Content: 0.3%
CBD Content:: 21%
Yield: Very Large
Flowering Time 8-9 Weeks


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